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So, What Can You Eat?

Meet the Chef...

My name is Samantha Jackson

"So, what can you eat?" is the first question I receive when I tell people about my allergies. In case you're curious, this list includes eggs, all nuts, avocados, bananas, cherries, chocolate, kiwi, mango, apples, shellfish, fish (except catfish, weirdly), coconuts, beans, and peas. So, now you might be wondering the same thing: what can I eat?

The truth is, I've grappled with this question myself. Whether I was searching for allergy-friendly restaurants or looking for recipes within the limits of my very extensive list of restrictions, I've had my fair share of moments where just sticking to the basics seemed like my only option.


I started this blog as a self-designed project for the honors program at the University of Cincinnati. My ultimate goal is to create a platform that empowers others with dietary restrictions to take back control over what they eat. Drawing from personal experiences, I know that when dealing with a highly restrictive diet, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of repeatedly consuming the same basic meals. However, I hope my blog inspires others facing similar challenges to discover at least one meal that resonates with them and possibly even nudges them to break from their culinary comfort zone. 


To read more about my personal life and journey through creating this blog, click here >>


Chef's Pick of the Month

It's finally June, which means warm weather and an amazing selection of veggies at local markets. Last month we highlighted my corn salsa recipe! If you're craving something more exciting than chips and salsa, try my Chicken Enchilada and Mexican Rice recipe!

My Latest Recipes

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